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Veronica Mackey

My entry into the fascinating world of business began as a representative for the Wilshire Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles. I was part of a sales team that recruited 100+ members within 30 days!

I loved my job. Nothing thrilled me more than watching entrepreneurs turn their ideas and skills into successful enterprises.

Then the recession hit. Ouch! With few options, and their life's savings gone, business owners whom I brought into the Chamber began closing their doors. It broke my heart.

I thought of all the people I knew who could support each other’s businesses—if only they knew where to find each other. Maybe my friend who owned the travel agency might have survived with a few key referrals from the person at the U.S. Embassy, whom I’d recently met. If only I had introduced them. . .

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My career took a different path, and I worked for 20 years in media and public relations, working with health, technology, real estate, entertainment and social change organizations.

My fascination with putting the right entrepreneurs together, however, never waned. It eventually led me to build a business consulting service that matches companies to their target audience, then arranges for them to meet.

Konnectory connects entrepreneurs directly to the people, resources and opportunities that lead to funding and sales. Whether you're looking to pitch an investor or attract larger clients, it is my honor to help you find them!

Veronica is a serial entrepreneur, connector, author and speaker. To book her for your next meeting or event, call 310-237-8703. For additional information on Veronica Mackey and Konnectory, visit:

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