Talent and Professionalism

"I have come to depend on Veronica's talent and professionalism in every way possible.

Your association with her promises to be both personally and corporately rewarding."

H.P. Barrett III, AAchen Enterprises

Thank you so much

"Thank you so much for the introduction to Eco Usable. We have partnered and raised thousands of dollars to fund clean water projects around the world."

Jordan Wagner, Generosity Water

Thank you for the opportunity and exposure

Since winning Perfect Pitch we have expanded in Atlanta to new co-working spaces which include: Atlanta Tech Village, The Gathering Spot, and WeWork. We have not received additional funding, still totally bootstrap. We are now expanding our Personal Assistant services to luxury apartment concierge and cleaning.

Thank you for the opportunity and exposure.

Justice Miranda, Co-Founder www.OurErrands.com, Grand Prize Winner, Perfect Pitch, Nov. 18, 2017

Instant access to opportunities

“Perfect Pitch provided me with instant access to opportunities and options to funding. What I liked most was the friendly environment and positive feedback. Every presenter left with something, whether it was constructive critiques from the panel or options to funding. You couldn't possibly ask for more out of an event.”

Damian Evans, Reel Change Productions, https://vimeo.com/267340373 Perfect Pitch Grand Prize Winner,. July 29, 2O17

This event is a real eye opener

“This event is a real eye opener in terms of getting people excited about their vision. I enjoyed hearing all the great ideas being pitched. People were feeding off each other, and everybody was very professional and had a lot to say. I thought it was very good and I believe it’s going to get even better.”

Denise Johnson, Faith2See Coaching

Enlightening experience

“This was an enlightening experience. It showed me there are a number of entrepreneurs out there that have viable businesses in the L.A. area. They’re not just startups. They’ve got the vision, the only thing that’s missing for them is the capital.”

Terence Winslow, Mentor and Marketing Expert

Reminiscent of “Shark Tank

“It was reminiscent of “Shark Tank,” which is one of my favorite shows. It was a great platform for people to pitch their projects and ideas. I thought it was very professional and organized well.”

Lisa Fuggins, Sierra Leone Day Care

The energy was absolutely awesome!

“The energy was absolutely awesome! It gave people a chance to be heard, seen and felt who otherwise may not have been noticed. It provided a good platform for those who—for whatever reason—can’t make it on ‘Shark Tank.’ I look forward to your next event.”

Lisa Spearman, Photography

Intimate setting

“What I liked was the intimate setting and the group of people was diverse.”

Lemuel Acosta, Perfect Pitch Contestant, Nov. 18, 2017

Great opportunity to develop my company pitch

“It was a great opportunity to develop my company pitch and you all provided valuable feedback that has helped me better craft my delivery. Thank you so much for the opportunity!”

Eric Till, info@escotillafinanciera.com, Perfect Pitch 3rd Place Winner, Nov. 18, 2017

The event was beautiful

“The event was beautiful. I liked the fact that you connected us to people from all walks of life. It felt good to jump in there creatively and give my pitch. And the fact that it was a free event was even better.”

Andrea Walker-Williams, Author of "Create Noise," Perfect Pitch Contestant, Nov. 18, 2017

Well structured

“The pitch and format were well structured and provided each contestant ample time to share their concept, model, and funding needs, and answer panelists’ questions. The level, quality, and experience of participants varied, which made the pitch that much more interesting. I love the idea of Konnectory providing a platform where African American entrepreneurs can have a place to test their pitch skills, get feedback, and possibly secure the funding they need. Overall, it was a great experience for panelists and participants, and I look forward to the next Konnectory Perfect Pitch.”

Connie Sparks, CEO & Founder, Wade Institute, www.conniesparks.com, Perfect Pitch Judge, Nov. 18, 2017

Event was excellent

“I feel this event was excellent—whether you win the money, or whether you’re successful in securing a loan or not. You can get feedback from experts on marketing or how to repackage your product. There was a wealth of information there and you never know who will give you your next big contract.”

Danielle Kelley, DLH Enterprises

Intimate crowd

“It was perfect for somebody who was pitching their business for the first time. I like the fact that it was an intimate crowd. I got a chance to get a lot of time with the investors.”

Edward Sykes, VAG App Protection, Perfect Pitch Contestant, Nov. 18, 2017

My "Go-To" Professional

"Veronica Mackey is a creative and innovative marketing professional. Her insight to the marketplace, coupled with her years of expertise, make her my go to person for all things marketing, PR and event promotions." Latania Michelle, Possibility Publishing, Perfect Pitch Sponsor, Nov. 18, 2017

 Konnectory Was the key

"Konnectory was the key to me getting on the Savvy Investor Radio Show. I received tons of exposure."

Aaron Kutchinski, Guardian Silver & Gold

Much Success

We have had much success getting our nonprofit positioned to receive funding. Konnectory had a lot to do with that."

Ed Sanders, Co-founder, 50 Hoops National Tournaments for Prostate Cancer Awareness

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